I am...

I am timid. I am observat.

I wonder how the world views me

I hear voices of others opinions dictated in my mind

I see friends' souls, refulgent with positivity and hope

I want to find happiness each day I brave this cruel world

I am timid. I am observant.


I pretend I am not afraid of this world full of anguish and horror

I feel confusing, intangible emotions that no one understands

I touch the tip of enlightenment, never fully submerged

I worry about the gazing eyes, probably not on me

I am timid. I am observant.


I understand that life in difficult

I say sorry often, because mistakes will be made

I dream of the past and future, regrets and opportunities

I try my best, and attempt to make the people I love happy

I hope everything turns out alright in the end

I am timid. I am observant.


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