Some things are better left unsaid and sometimes even undone.

But I for one, have loved what I've become. 

Nobody said it would be easy, I just know that it was worth it. 

It took a lot of faith, encouargement, and lots of learning.

My mom told me when I was young that I could do it.

I just had to believe in myself in order to pursue it. 

Rather things were negative or at their worst

I still knew that God would make it work.

Too many are stuck in the ways of society.

that they lose focus and hide what really could be.

Many say that love makes the world go round' 

love can make you feel like your on top of the clouds.

But sometimes you have to fall in order to get up

I've fell so many times, I had no trust

From being talked about and looked at differently for no reason at all

Was it cause I was too pretty? I was stunned by the names I was called

I had no more fight left in me, my heart was in so much pain

 I knew I had to forgive and go my own way

But who was there? Had could I break down these walls?

After all the rumors and constantly being watched in the halls.

I finally took a look around me and reminded myself who I was.

I was surrounded by all the negative and was blinded with love.

Lord knows I was holding on, so dreaded and tired

I had to stay strong for those I have inspired.

You see for every bad, there must be a good

If I could go back in time to change my mistakes, i would

But that is why I am who I am today

with my sucesses, there came a lot of hate

But I had to keep going, because I have a destiny

And though my journey isn't done yet I still have to do what's best for me.

I will be known from my beautiful spirit and passion.

The world will remember me, Asianah McCracken.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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