I am determined

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 18:37 -- awirks
The future is a fantasy fully unlocked, by lucid dreams and a burning desire 
True passion is that which is set ablaze by an incandescent fire
It's no accident the rose is covered by thorns yet blooms so vibrantly
Without trials in life, roses that follow would have no contrast to see
Those thorns encountered have shaped my perspective: they redefined meaning and gave me directive 
I am determined to keep my soul lit with hopes of success and fantasy 
I am determined to see my dream become a most tangible reality 
The ocean does not rage with limits, and the wind does not howl with control 
Just like them, I want to be a force of nature that can roar and sets fire to the soul
So onward toward my fantasy will I go, with arms wide open, chasing that setting sun
Because I am determined, and it has only, just begun 
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