The mind of a Virgo

Who I Am  

I am from the land of the peaceful winds.  

From the birds who take flight over the crisp blue ocean.   

Running from the steaming sand beneath my feet, 

while my family basked in the heat of the glorious sun. 

Sounds of the ocean calm   

The intense senses of our souls.   

It spiral into the depth   

Of unknown emptiness   

That fill of music and memories too.   

Little feet excited finding sea shells scattered   

across the sands surface. I feel  safe.  


Here I am  

a fearless bird 

flying over endless oceans,  

to the land of endless possibilities. 

A single mother , a foolish brother , so much love.  

With the passion in my heart I have become  

Infinite, fearless, strong. 


I am the fierce heat of Arizona, 

I am the green humble forest of Pennsylvania .  

I take a long flight to a different world 

I am the culture of a new country where spaghetti became an idol.  

Alone, confused, I soar, I succeed; 

painful sorrow, harsh winds, endless flight.  


New faces 

New souls 

New me .


I am made up of the places I've seen, the lives that I've touched and the desire to live . 

I am the courage to overcome, 

The fearless love in my heart, 

And the flame of adventure through all disaster.  


My pen hits the paper 

And I am lost.. In oblivion . 

A deranged world full of chaos 

Surrounds my senses.  

The manipulated minds dance around 

The trend ,

While my mind wanders 

Seeking a better existence.  


Knowledge , 

The foundation of the world  

enlightens the souls that  

seek refuge in books 

and friendship through poets.  

A fleeting life rushes by 

filling our lungs with passion 

and sadness too.  


I am the mind that learned  

how to love; 

who saw the pain 

in cracks 

and the radiant beauty in 

the disorientated makings of human flesh. 

We are those who live for the mysterious world of poetry 

for the adrenaline, 

for the touch of a bare soul. 

Endless in my quest for freedom 

for serenity, 

I seek humbleness throughout my journey. 


Forever will I be.. 

The desire to live, 

The poet of a masterpiece, 

The peace through all chaos. 









This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world



Love the poem & the font! So creative! 


Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it! Hopefully it stands out for the scholarship!!

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