I Am There

When sunshine comes through your window in the morning

And when the wind gives you a cool breeze on a hot day

When karma sends you good fortune after long days of bad

And you remember a happy memory of times long past

I am there

You are not alone

When the rain picks up just as you get under cover

And the pen has just enough ink to finish your notes in class

When you find exactly what you were looking for in the right color

And when you catch something fragile before it hits the ground

I am there

You are not alone

When you crumple your fifth paper because you just can’t draw those hands right

And when you leave something behind where you can never retrieve it

When you fail that exam that you studied so hard for

And when you threw away something, then you realized too late that you wanted to keep it

I am there

You are not alone

When you made a wish on a shooting star

And made a wish on a stray eyelash

When you made a wish on those birthday candles

And you’re still waiting for them to come true

I am there

You are not alone

When someone interrupts what you were saying

And someone else tells them to wait until you have finished what you were saying

When someone tells you that you don’t look good in that outfit

And you go ahead and look good in it anyway

I am there

You are not alone

I am rooting for you. 

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