I Am Not Your Stigma

my skin tone, my weight should not be what defines me
you say I am privileged, or that I do not eat
I care to much what society thinks
because of the shoes that are on my feet
I must be spoiled for what I wear,
daddy must buy it with no care in the world
no thought of good will discount sales
you say I am entitled but for why you have no reason to share
you look at me and see what society has branded
I have no idea what star bucks smells like
but if I did why would you care?
does it affect you if my phone was free,
my shoes a gift?
every Christmas I ask for something to wear
would you ever think daddy was not there
or that I eat everyday but just knowing what it’s like to starve.
I am not the stigma of my race, of my weight,
how my hair looks, or who I date
I am just me
you will never know that pain
for you are you
and I am I
we each struggle just to survive
in our very own ways
we are soldiers to our daily wars
so why the judgment
why the hate
can we call a treaty
just take a break
I am not a stigma
you are the same


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