I am vague phrases

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 00:07 -- Rd006

What am I?

Am I simply constituted through a group of words?

Am I a group of mistakes and successes?

Am I simply trying to find a place?

Am I that horrible person that questions every writing prompt I see?


Is it even correct to categorize any person

through very few words?

Can I phrase my

desperateness, happiness, sadness, fear, pain, and joy

clearly enough for everyone to understand?

Clearly, I am desperate enough to try

I am a perfectionist

I am a person that struggles to say no

I am trying to avoid making mistakes

that will have me be shunned by those close to me

I am not happy with half the things I admit

I am passionate


I am curious

I am trying

I am not my childhood dream,

yet I am the realization that not all childhood dreams are not your dreams

They are the dreams of others

planted into you

Simply lost misconceptions

                                                  I am a disappointment

                                                  I am a role model

I am not these words alone

Neither is anyone else

We are all a bunch of vague phrases

that no one else understands

Nothing more, Nothing less

No one can see our experiences

or how we shape our minds

I am simply paint slung upon a large wall of life

We are all paint slung upon a wall

Beautiful, Confusing, Different

Coloring the world together

Not one above another


                                          We are all simply madness.





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