Thu, 11/05/2015 - 16:50 -- nljones

My mom began to talk, from the moment I became "me;"

About the extraordinary life we'd lead, as a loving family.

Just my being there was enough, like all babies I was gifted;

To charm and bring together, those close and those who'd drifted.

How intelligent of me, to skip the terrible toddler years was clever;

But to say I didn't misbehave, well . . it wasn't exactly never!

Reading, math and English I was able, entering school was fun and natural;

Learning was the key to things, to make sense it had to be factual.

Playing music came quite easy, in Middle School I discovered;

There was more no matter how accomplished, and lots of other joys uncovered.

The structured curriculum I was suited, efficient at breezing through high school;

Competent to secure a job for savings, thinking of college I was no fool.

Proven skillful in my field of choice, having qualified for admission;

Sagacious to know assistance from others, will only further my ambition.


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