I Am the World

I Am the World

Many people make claims and boasts of where they are from…

But how does this define you, what is it about from where you come.

Yes pride is great,

But some claim it as if they have a greater fate.

They badger, complain, and degrade others,

Although in actuality, we are all sisters and brothers.

They fight, bicker, abuse, and debate,

Many deny and try to escape, begging for a fresh new slate.

All for a battle that should not be fought,

Peace to races and ethics is what should be brought.

Who I am you shall not know,

For the color of my skin, the look of my face, the story it does not show.

For I am me, all of the world in one, and you, are you,

And there is no difference, that is true.

I shalt not fear for the prosecutions of man,

Lover of all people, war I’m no fan.

Assumptions and preconceived judgments based of the past,

I should not pay for what I have no part in, those notions are gone at last.

I am a human, I am a mix of all races, I am me,

I will not live off of what you think, I am free,

Me, that is all I shall be,

Steady growth and maturity, different with glee.

Be you,

I will be me.

For this is Who I Am.

I am the World.

I am all.

I am me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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