I am....all about perspective.

                          I am….

               (Read from top to bottom)


The one painted with society’s disapproval.

                      I will never be

    The fluorescent light in a black room

                 I’ve managed to become                

             The one who takes a backseat             

                 I can’t imagine being

               The best thing in the world

                   Making a difference is

                 Not in the cards for me           

                         Sitting back;

                       Is more my style


                     Isn’t worth anything            


                   Is the way the dice lie

                 Staying true to your heart;

            That is wrong; the reality is

                Conforming is the way to go

                         We are told

 Be yourself, and people will accept you

                        That is a lie

   Conform to society’s fears of being unique

                   Be "normal," they say

                        It’s not fun to    

              Fight against the majority

                         My mindset is

To not reach for the stars when given the moon             

                     It’s a joke      

        To smile at everyone I pass

                     I have learned

            Not to take a chance at life

                        I am afraid

                   To get up and dance

                            I love

     The lack of self worth around me

                   I am ashamed of

                    My loved ones

   I am the one who always remembers

            The things that people say

                   I don’t believe

       Being unique makes me special


            (Read from bottom to top)




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