I'd Like To

When you told me I was your pride,
I knew that you were looking at yourself in the reflection of my eyes,
So I did everything I could to stand directly in front of you,
Praying that while I was looking down you'd tell me you loved me
So I'd know which Joe you were talking to.
When you told me I was only worth a dollar,
I gave you back ninety nine cents or a dollar o one
but usually it was a dollar o one
emptying my penny jar one at a time,
and each time I'd twist the lid a little bit tighter than before.
When you told me I could be anything,
I decided to be everything except for you,
Blanketed myself with the characteristics,
Opposite of those led by the man
Who once inspired love transformed into passionless acquaintance.
I became everything I had ever wished you had been and more.
When I told you I was gay,
You sat there silent,
I could see the color drain from your face,
I could see you suck in your cheeks like you were holding down a lump.
You told me you wished you had had another son,
As if I had been cut off from the bloodline.
And now we don't talk,
It's been quite a while,
And I'd like to.

This poem is about: 
My family



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