I Don't Know What I Want, I Feel It

Who am I

I’ll answer this directly

I’m a lazy, lonely, stoner kid looking for some kind of direction

I have great friends and yet I’m always sad

As if I actually have anything to be sad about


My parents are together and I don’t live in poverty

And the cops? They don’t have a problem with me

Because I’m white and I’m privileged

Every day I see the world I live in

It’s not right, it’s broken


I pretend that I’m better than everyone

But honestly I’m just as bad as them

I want the newest clothes, games, and phones

And I can go home

Whenever I fucking want




But what the fuck am I angry for?


I need more


I need more in my life

I need to feel alive

I can’t just let time go by while I close my eyes

It’s time to move on and make myself again


Start from scratch


Move away and get a job that I can call my own

And I’ll probably keep getting stoned

But it helps me connect with my peers

We discuss our biggest hopes and our fears


It’s a form of meditation

And a type of medication

This generation is sick and all we need is communication


Can you feel me now


No really can you feel me

I want my heart’s vibrations to move you and change you

Really think about everything that you’re feeling


I want to connect and forget

All who left me for dead


Get ahead and live with lovers

and their imaginations

That’s what I want, that’s what I’m working for

Be at peace with myself and everyone that gives a fuck

This poem is about: 
Our world


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