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I am a King

I was born into this world to lead and direct

I am here to give the path that has been taketh away from my people

I shall give where there is a lack of giving

I shall feed where there is a lack of feeding

I shall quench the thirst of the thirsty

I am a King

I am a King

I shall not succumb to the negativity thrown upon my people

I refuse to dabble in the things they gave us to kill each other

I refuse to hold the gun sold to us for the massacre of my people

I refuse to sell that crack to my brother who's got five hungry set of eyes starting back at him

I refuse to rob and pillage from my own when we are all fighting the same fight of survival

I am a King

I am a King

Although I grew up myself without a King

I have never regretted that fact for I had a marvelous Queen to guide me through life

Now as I take my rightful throne let me take my people on this path of joy and happiness.

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