I Am....You

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 20:26 -- Luvly

I am........you

I am the you that you see in me 

I am the tears that roll down your face as though it was a river on a chase 

I am the hurt that you have disguised by the happiness in your eyes 

I am you 

I am......You 

I am the you that wishes the wishing wells would come true 

I am the you that flashes the good but only does the bad 

I am the you that notices the love but only passes out the hate 

I am the you who wishes dreams would come true

I am........you 

I am not the you that you see in me 

I am not the tear stains on your cheeks 

I am not the happiness in your eyes being disguised by your hate 

I am.........not you

I am not the wishes inside of your wishing well

I am not the you who flashes the good but does the bad

I am not the hate that you pass out because I'm the love

I am not your fantasy but I'm your reality

And there is not doubt in me

I am the me so who are you  

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