I Am...

Who am I?

Or rather

What am I?

I am strength

I am tenacity

I am power

 I am hope for a better tomorrow

I am determination

I am willingness

I am love

I am that one girl that won’t give up

I am the one to say no

I am the one that won’t lie down for you

I refuse to be trampled upon

I refuse to be pulled apart

I refuse to let you slander my name

I choose to use my mind

I choose to not be the one that is

Slow to listen


Quick to anger

I choose not to stand in the shadows

I choose to stand out from the rest

I choose to be individual and me

I am the girl that will strive to do her very best

I am the girl that believes

That with God and with enough willpower

Anything is possible

So yes

I’m not the average

I am the one that believes that a woman

Can be a scientist

Can be a lawyer

Can be a construction worker

Can even be president of the United States

While still being



And most of all


I believe that a woman’s place …  

Is wherever she chooses to be

I am me

I am short

Fun loving






Soft spoken

African American with a curly black and purple Afro

And I love the skin I’m in

I am perfectly imperfect

I Am


Shay Burney

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