More than you see

You see a scholar

A learner and leader

Who knows more than Enstien himself


You see a creator

A molder of ideas and constructs 

More inventions than Arcamedies 


You see an actor

A Broadway star on stage

More talented than Laura Linney 


You see a poet

A master of rhetoric and rhyme

As great as Maya Angelo


You see a sister

A suporter and advisor

A superb sibling


You see a smile

Always laughing and joking

A ray of sunshine


You see google in human form

A welth of crazy information

Always something new to say


You see happiness embodied 

Smiles and complements all around 

Never a frown


But all I see when I look in the mirror

Is an alcoholics broken daughter

never to be anything more

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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