I am Stronger

I am stronger than the words that make my heart bleed

I am stronger than the people who tear me down just for the color of my skin

I am stronger than the label placed upon my race

I am stronger than criminals, rapists, and drug lords

I am stronger than the walls that divide our country into “separate but equal” pieces

I am just like you

I aspire to be a lawyer, a writer, a doctor, an astronaut, a king

I yearn to help those who once hurt me

I wish to show mercy to those who have known nothing but cruelty

I aspire, I yearn, I wish, I work, I bleed

We are just like you

We work till our hands bleed

We give till we have nothing left

We hunger for greater things than the unfairness of our lives

We forgive those who have wrongfully accused us because we know

We know not everyone is like us

We know there are people who wish to do nothing but evil

We know that you have encountered these people

We know that you label us based on past experiences

I am just like you,

Stronger than this world


This poem is about: 
Our world


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