Do Not Pull the Plug

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 18:17 -- geotru7

By George Trudeau


Might I incline to messages of a mortifying nature,

Taking hold of a perditious soul,

Damning me to walk alone,

Walking past words of love,

That say "I am love and loved"?


Heart, eyes, mind, and lies,

Concave into solitary madness,

An addict on the edge of hereafter,

Injecting the supply of burdens and fears,

By hands that itch for love.


The soul gasps again,

It breaths when I see her,

She hooks me up with love-like life support,

That beat my mind pulses powerlessly,

Yet powerfully,

Do not pull the plug,

Do not pull the plug.


Out of the cave of my shadows,

Drawing me to the light without intent,

I love eyes without consent,

She knows who I am but not my heart,

I fear her knowledge would leave me clueless,

Do not pull the plug,

Do not pull the plug.


She’s afraid and alone, a loner afraid, a friend of fear,

Soles hesitate to touch the damp floor of the cave,

From tears of broken hearts,

Wrists wrench the wrapped chains,

Linked to shadowed walls that say,

"Pull the plug, pull the plug",

Please don't pull the plug,

I do not know who would be more damned if you did.


The soul knows there is a sun and a Son,

You have shown me,

Beauty the shadows cannot hide,

Accept offering for the hurts your soul,

Crucify my childhood instead of yours,

But alas I already have, still I ask,

Do not pull the plug,

Do not pull the plug.


Lost I am when I wonder,

Found am I in your friendship,

Sinewing broken consciousness by your love—,

Assembling barren dead parts into animation,

God knows this perpetual resurrection will be my death,

I don’t care, I’ll take me new addiction,

Do not pull the plug,

Do not pull the plug.


If only she knew my love and Your love,

Then she would feel the love in my hands and the love in my side,

If only she saw my resurrection,

Then she would believe Yours,

If she only knew she was never alone,

Then we would never be alone.


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