One Word

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 14:30 -- bmbove

I try to define myself with

One word sentences

But that's like putting an elephant

In a box

One word sometimes fits only a leg, an ear, a trunk

One word sometimes fits everything but a leg, an ear, a trunk

But I keep trying

I know that one day

One word will fit everything including that leg, that ear, that trunk

For now

I'll try on words until one fits

Funny? No

smart? No

Athletic? No

How does one define a tree

Based off one branch?

Look at one fruit of the branch and you miss the fruit of others

Look at one leaf but there could always be one greener

Daring? No

Dashing? No

Dramatic? No

It's like the world is on my shoulders

But I have to focus on the ant sitting on my toe

It's weight is small in comparison

But maybe it's soul swallows the world's volume of characteristics

Or maybe I need to kick the ant off my toe

And wait for the next one

Skinny? No

Loud? No

Shy? No

How long does one wait while fishing in the ocean for the perfect fish?

Or is time to settle for the smallest gain?

Lost? No

Friendly? No

Successful? No

It's hard to see the whole puzzle from one piece

And it's hard to see the big picture when you're in it

Confused? No

Hard working? No

Simple? No

Is it impossible to define humanity when given one word?

Are there too many variations

Or are we similar to the core?

I don't encompass all humanity

I won't pretend I do

But if I can't define myself

How can I define you?

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