I am....A Daughter's Fear

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 21:46 -- fcwade

Her mom's name was lonely and her daddy's name was pain. Love wasn't her strong suit but she gave it everything. She wasn't the best writer but her words made a change. She did her best on everything, just so others would know her name. She felt deep inside some feelings that wouldn't change. She missed out on a father daughter bond that would mean everything. But she had an amazing mother who she referred to as superwoman. She would never give up and always kept pushing. She made sure her daughter got everything she wanted and remained happy. But little does she know there's one thing that's missing. She wanted a father that would give her hugs and come to all her games. Because to her that would mean everything. Even though she still feels this pain, she continued to live her life to the fullest everyday. She was involved in school and cheer and did everything she could to help others. Because she doesn't want them to feel like how she did; abandoned by her father. It still hurts her to this day; the relationship they never had. But even though she was hurt that will always be her dad. She loved him and forgave him for not being there. But still she thought it was never fair. Her friends had their moms and dads that would help and provide for one another. But she just had a mom who held it all together. As she prepares for college, her whole perspective on her father changed. She grew stronger and wiser and realized she could conquer anything. Yes, he can be part of the experience and the rest of her life but she did not fight this hard for feelings to disappear overnight. She will always have these feelings and they will only get stronger. But she knows she has to succeed  for her mother. Her mother is the reason for the person she is today. She wouldn't change it for the world even though she has these feelings everyday. She will be the best and strongest person she can be, while going to college and obtaining her degree. 

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