Worthless to Worthy

Slammed doors, carpet floors

Never enough clothes hanging from the closet

Aalways on tippy toes, unsure where to go

September 2014, made a mess out of me

Scrambling from home to hotel to Mitshibitsi 

October 2014, I betrayed my family, to find shelter of my own

Friends took me in, at a time I felt worthless

No dollar to my name, just a homeless 20 years old who had no where else to go

A lover, unsure of our relationship, turned towards me, in time of need

Both persons of need of care and love

Unsure where to find it

A friendship that blossomed from a click of a mouse

A friend that turned into a lover, loved who turned into a roommate

My family is still in the back of my head

They are the piece of guilt that never rolls

It stays still, rotting in place

Within three months of living at a new residence

I was hired to tutor, the kids are resilient 


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