To you she's just a body
She's got a soul

Seeing those curves
She hates herself for every moment you stole

You put your hands on her
She feels the need to hide away

The rumors start, others start to stare
She's sad casue you don't listen to a word she has to say

Getting 'it' an 'tapin that' cause thats all this is 
She's numbing her pain with a pill

He thinks its fine cause, it's just one girl
She swallows a handful an soon goes still

He's hearing about it a couple hours later
She was only seventeen an he was a player

He rushed home didn't know if it was real
She'd been hurt an wasn't sticking around for later

He laid awake knowing it was all his fault
She was being talked about in past tense

Her funeral's going to be on tomorrow
She 'had been', she 'was', she's gone, for him it made no sense

Their she lay cold and still
She was just a girl.



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