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Tue, 10/27/2015 - 23:01 -- mayra97


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On the internet, the word confident means having a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something; having confidence. But what do I personally believe I can succeed in? I am just one girl attending high school like the millions of other students around the world. What can I possibly do that can stand out from the rest? I have never been the popular girl or the outgoing person, but I do know that I have a caring heart. I was always a negative person towards myself. I did not do that great and I am not that pretty or a great person, but why do that? Being negative towards yourself is totally different from being negative towards others. Once I caught myself judging someone I did not even know and that is when I was disappointed in myself  because that is when I can tell myself I am not a great person.

We live in a world where judging is accepted because it has become a habit to each individual's lifestyle, but why? It truly bothered me when I caught myself judging someone, so I stopped and that is literally all it takes. Everyone undergoes judgment just like I did and people can say no I have not or they have not, but it is true. I was so negative because I let others opinions get the best of me, but why should their thoughts become my reality? How am I going to let a stranger control my day, personality, or even my life? "Look at her shoes. OMG her leggings are see-through. He smells so bad." One may be saying these as comments or just small talk to friends, but if you are so bored and do not know what else to say then do not criticize others. I have been judged by classmates for not knowing enough about anatomy or I am expected to have a higher grade because that is how I am "supposed to be". I am known as the girl with the long hair, the one who used to date that guy, the girl who said that, the girl who never smiles, the girl who looks mean, and several other judgments made before even a simple conversation with me.

How can I be judged based on what one says? How can that be true? I used to let the comments hold me back from saying things, but now I learned I can be my own person and be confident. I can wear ripped jeans with my messy hair and I do not have to look a certain way just so others will like it and give me compliments. I do not have to smile all day long and talk to everyone so they can think I am friendly. I can still be confident and forward to be my own person. I am confident to stop others from judging others and I am confident enough to be independent without having to rely on others to look cool or fit in. I do not need to conform to others perfection of me or what I should look like if I only fixed this about myself. I like being imperfect and flawed because it makes me who I am rather than focusing on little details for others enjoyment just to criticize me all over again. I am confident in my personality and my confidence will not change for anyone. 

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