I Am... Scholarship Slam (Self Appearance)

From a distance paced a young teenage girl. She holds her head down trying to avert the gaze of the so called 'pretty girls', who despise her appearance. Her existence to be in fact. As she avoids their path she stumbles upon an abandoned dictionary. Flipping through the pages, she eyes a certain word. It seems to pulse through her eyes. The word appears hideous. Wrong. Like the word was an accident. Possibly a typo? She then chuckles and proceeds to check out the dictionary from the nearest librarian. What a laugh it would give to her father. A typo in a so-called 'dictionary'. Where every word was supposed to be spelled right!

Having arrived home, she rushed to her father's side from the kitchen table. Quickly pointing to the word and stating how ironic it was to find a typo in a reference book. The word was idiotic, she had told him. But her father saw no laughing matter in the term. What was to laugh about? Through his eyes he saw an exquisite term! Fairly sophisticated and quite strong to say the least! He then turned towards his daughter and asked why she saw herself as a low individual. Astonished at how he knew her inner thoughts, she proceeded to deny the fact that she indeed saw herself as lower in value compared to her peers. Her father then proceeded to explain how he had figured it all out. The term was self-appraisal. He clarified that it was defined as the way one views the value, quality, and importance of oneself. The girl was flabbergasted! No wonder her father saw the word as a 'high and mighty' term! He saw himself in the word. 

She was then pulled out of her train of thought when her father then began to fumble and flip through numberus pages. He then leaned over his seat from the kitchen table and gave her a peck on the forehead. "Don't worry," he said. "You'll find the perfect term to describe yourself. After all...the word 'beauty' does have many synonyms!"

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