I am the physical being of regret,
From the day I was created,
I was nothing more than a debt.
A father which I hate to call related.

I halted someone's path,
before I could open an eye.
I should have taken her wrath.
But she instead stood by.

She was my mentor, my mother
I was raised to be careful and kind.
Never to hit or anger any other,
but always to speak my mind.

I was hurt when I soon discovered,
she had other goals in heart.
Time that can never be recovered,
how she wanted to do art.

Now she fell to something cruel.
Society saw her as someone dumb
She could end it but I'm her fuel.
Ideas making my brain feel numb.

I show my family care,
supporting them every day.
The one idea that'll never tear
Helping her so I can repay.

This poem is about: 
My family


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