I Am

I am a seventeen year old teenager who lends her life to others.

I am the mistakes I made when I was sixteen, fifteen, and years past.

I am every emotion bottled into one, form-fitted body.

I am my moms youngest child and my dads only daughter.

I am the person who waves a rainbow colored flag instead of any other.

I am a girl who has always stuck to her gut and her heart.

I am a lover of all those that create the earth.

I am an independent study group who works late nights to finish an English essay.

I am an anxiety flushed teen who enjoys the outdoors more than her own room.

I am Katlan.

I am past, present, and future Katlan.

I am my mistakes, my goals and my achievements. 

I would not change what has happened to me; the good and the bad.

I am who I am today, because of the people, beliefs, and potential that has surrounded me.

I am Katlan Alexia Crawford, and I am completely okay with that.


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