I Am From

I am from TV

     from Barbie and Disney

I am from the poorly painted yellow and brown house

     cluttered and cramped

     It never felt like a home

I am from the daisies,

     the grass

     dead and colorless

I'm from the big dinners and poor eyesight

     from Deanna and Carlos and Raymond

I'm from the screaming arguments and never picking up after yourself

From "Shut up!" and "Don't cry, you're tougher than that."

I'm from the freedom of choosing your own beliefs but later being laughed at for what you've chosen

     My parents anti-Christ, my brothers believers in God, and myself an admirer of the philosophy        of life

I'm from California, our family tree long lost

     hamburgers and chocolate filed desserts

From the beloved family role models burned and placed on the mantel

     the forced smiles

Family photos thrown into the fire place and burned in order to escape the truth

I am from a constantly changing life that makes me feel ill



This poem is about: 
My family


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