The Achieving Mentor

I never thought,

that I would reach this point,

that I would be able to speak clearly in front of hundreds,

or that I would have such a loving network of friends and family.

I never thought,

that I would experience the mistakes of others-

that by their mistakes I would be forced to live with their consequences.

I never thought

I would achieve success, not prison,

I never thought,

life would change for me.

I never thought,

I would start to care.

And now, I must share my story and change those around me:


I am the standard bearer,

waving the colors in defiance at the obstacles present and to come,

as I leave a wake behind.

I became the Torch held onto by the hand of Liberty's

toil and achievement,

to be seen by the eyes of those passing the flame

which burns within me.

I have been the one expected to know the answers, before the eruption of questions begin,

the one pinnacle heads rotate toward as the onslaught begins.

I have been expected to hold the weight of the world by helping those around me as I hold the

weight of myself.

I am the sun, its light shining on the day, but help the moons, to teach them how to reflect their

light in times of darkness.


I have been called to lighten the burdens of others, to grieve their losses, comfort them, understand

their trials.

I have been called because of my need to share my story.

I have been called to laugh in their accompanying joy, solve their problems with them, show that

the dream of yeserday may be fulfilled today.


I have been asked, "Why do you help me?" as if

those I lead are not good enough on their own,

As if those who follow the color of my flame cannot become their own dream.


Find a dictionary. See the words coward, slave, and lackadaisical.

Now blot them out.

Excommunicate these words from the vocabulary of all known languages.

They do no reflect who I am. They are an attempt to distribute blame for the ills of today.

I do not address the blights upon the faces of of the"afflicted"; I overcome them.

Effort is wasted, time lost on the ill-spoken whims of a moment filled with the demands of the



Who am I? I am assuredly not the crippled servant, or the person originally sold to the masses,

but merely the understanding teacher,

but lend time in service to those who wondered how to become better.

Who am I? The teacher who taught those that sought to learn, not to take advantage.

I did not wave the color of surrender to my obstacles,

but hailed those passing that my efforts coud be their efforts,

that they could be copied with gratitude, not vicious robbery.


You ask me how I came to this point? This point of liberation from the clutches of those who

must smile in appreciation at thievery?

I made a personal journal, in the mind of myself, to reflect on what makes me who I am.

I do not love the impolite, the lawless, and the proud.

I do not love the cold hands of another who whispers, "I love you,"

as you feel the cold point of a knife in your back.

Do not tell me the world is mine,

I do not want it.

Do not tell me I have earned a break,

I do not want it.

Do not ask me to fulfill your obligation,

I do not want it.

Do not ask me why I feel this way,

I do not wish to reprove, only to teach,

To fulill my calling, for this is what defines me.


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