Walk into school on the first day everypbody like ok

Yeah i had J's on my feet, they like, "oh dang, yeah okay."

Yeah I accept the compliments

Pills in my face tried to offer shit

So I went to go get some water quick

I know the teachers were onto it

Forget about that, it's all about the rap and the trap if you want to be a real peace of trash

So I took the advice and started writing crap, then realized those role models are bad

Yeah I wanted to be one of the greats

Without hearing about how I need all the grades

I wanted all the babes, and wanted all the fame, I wanted to be one of the best in the game

Today in class a kid said I was ass

I replied back saying just wait, it's all fate, and one day you'll regret what you all say

Yeah man, the teachers doubt me

Yeah man you all doubt me

No one here thinks I'll make it

This kid in class was named Jacob

Bitch, everything I rapped was fake before two girls told me to make something true

Now that's all I do

Now I'm out making the biggest move like my homes improved, and I'm not through

I'm just starting over new

With a new me and an old crew

PGB ain't over dude!

Drank the other night and had a fright because two cops showed up with the light shining on me

I was freaking out, and he said "i'll let ya'll free if you admit to this weed."

Aw yeah, I said not me

And then the cop said I know it's you

But then my bro stood up and said, "Nah man, I just do."

Yeah, man I was so happy!

I could've swore the 12 had me

I was shaking like a soul grabbed me

We were freaking out and didn't know what happened

The end

None of it is pretend

I'm preaching, don't care; don't believe it

Man I just mean it

This girl was crazy in the head, trying to give me head in the bed, but I really wanted smoke instead

So she went nuts telling girls that I wanted butt, but i really just want to hit a blunt

Man I got high that night

Didn't realize this dyke would spread fake rumors like bite like mosquitos near lights or like

Humans with lice

That's not nice

Shout out to my friend that got sent away last year from here

By his mom who was acting really weird

That was kind of pyscho

Whoa she was acting like my flow

She was unpredictable like a fucking dice throw

Drug testing him and wouldn't let him fly home

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My family
My community
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