Autumn is the only time that it is acceptable to like change.

The leaves turn from a dull green to vibrant oranges and reds-

They plummet to their death because they need to - they have to.

Everything in this world is susceptible to change.

I am not who I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, a day ago, a minute ago, a second ago.

I am and will forever be redefining who I am.

Some days I am a teacher, a student, a mother, a brother, a leaf, a cat, life, and death themselves.

I am the end of all ends-

The beginning of all beginnings.

There is no force earthly or celestial that will limit me.


I am the leaf that plummets to their death-

Without fear and without regret.



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Briah Krueger

Wow, awesome imagery, the last line really hit me I loved it! 

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