Kayla R. Woodhouse


Frozen walls and cold, brisk air

Sixty-two degrees and a thin comforter;

As I make my bed with particular care,

My body is safe from the heat outside.


My big, tan pal sits on the bed. Big Bear,

He doesn’t seem to mind the chilly atmosphere.

There’s plenty of books and comfort to share,

In this room with snowflake stickers and crisp blue walls.


As I tidy my room from here to there,

Knowing I need to get other work done,

Mentally I pick out what to wear;

Am I going someplace today?


These walls around me, this lair,

Is sometimes my fortress and sometimes my cage

Here to protect a beauty – a person – so rare.

Though sometimes it does seem like a dungeon.


There are time it’s pretty, wonderful and fair;

Sometimes it’s just redundant and lonely.

But I’ve got family and friends with which to share

this journey through life; in my castle.

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