Her 4`11 stature should intimidate you

Her brown curly hair that can`t be tamed should be seen as beautiful

The way she walks in a room should be respected


that brown skinned girl is a QUEEN

A Queen is defined as a female ruler of an independent state especially one who inherits the poistion by  birth

By birth

I was born into this role

From my mother she held a princess for 9 months

She birthed a Queen

A Queen is a girl who respects herself and others

A Queen is a girl who believes beauty comes in all shades , sizes, and defiitions

A Queen is a girl who has goals and aspirations

Never lets anything stop her

A Queen is a girl whose confidence shines just enough to not be cocky or concieted

A Queen is characterized as a person who has a noble character


puts others before herself

focuses on uniting all people

ability to smile , inspire, and comfort other people in good and bad times

A Queen knows her past , understands her present, and moves toward the future


The girl who isn`t defined by what people think of her color and her race as a whole


The girl never seeking definition from society

A Queen is a girl who doesn`t let her fears stop her from success

A Queen values education and knows what doors it will open for her


The girl who used to not find beauty in herself , now doesnt have to be reminded she is beautiful by people, guys, or society

Never has to be reminded


That she is a Queen

I am so proud to speak about this QUEEN knowing she is ME.

This poem is about: 



If every brown women is a Queen, whos left to rule over.  You cant all be Queens.

Wake up. Your just a normal person, who wishes she was special.


This poem was for an I am scholarship so for you to tell me I'm not special is exactly what I'm tryna get over day to day , the people in society who think I'm nothing ,like you . So thank you ma'am or sir for your disgustingly rude comment but it's irrelevant to the Queen I am. You wake up and realize who I am and who every other Queen is . We can all be Queens , idk who confused you and your one minded thinking but they messed you up. Thank you ma'am or sir .

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