My Body, My Temple, My Shrine

The storm comes late at night

It creeps into my sheets and watches me sleep

But i wont let it hurt me or wash me away

I am strong and it wont get its way

It rained for two years

My Body, My Temple, My Shrine

Was exposed to the rain and no shine

When the sun came out and dried it's sins

I was finally free to start over again

It has been twelve years since i last saw the rain

And now i am strong enough to face it again

Rain you are a coward and you should be afraid

Because you are no match for my hurricaine

There is nowhere to run and i won't let you hide

From who you are, and always have been, deep down inside

My Body, My Temple, My Shrine

I want you to forget the rain

Now it is your time to shine

I am not a victim

I am a survivor

Because i have been, and will always be, a fighter


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