Don't Compare Us

I am not her

Don’t compare me

to the “oh so great things”

she has done

Don’t tell me

to walk, talk,and act

like her


I am not her

I’m different

I am not a genius

I don’t have tons  of friends

I don’t enjoy the drama of life

I’m not a star




In all honesty

I’m not a star anything


You need to know

I am not her

I’m me

I do what I can

When I can

How I can

I have my own dreams

I have my own wishes

And I hold certain

things dearly to me

as if they were my own child


So please understand

I am not her

So, next time you think

to compare us

Think differently…

Think outside the box…

Think of everything I can

or could be


All I ask of you

is to not compare me

to her


I am not my mother

I am me

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My family
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