My Life

It’s never been easy,

But the last few years

Have been the worst.


Demons waged a battle

In my head

Screaming, yelling at me

“No one loves you.

Stupid girl, your life is a waste.”


And I began listening,

Believing what they had to say.

Who would miss

A broken girl?


I made bad decisions

Put the future I had worked so hard for

At risk.

Made the mistake of trusting

A devil in disguise of a friend.

“Come stay with me.

You won’t have problems here.”


I trusted her,

Tried to move out.

Several breakdowns later

I was sent

To the psych unit.


There I learned

That my thoughts did not have merit.

My family truly loved me

And would be heartbroken if I had

Given in to those demons.


I eventually came to terms with

My new diagnosis and old demons.

I realized there were other emotions

Besides sadness like




And manageable anger.


I am slowly

Fighting my way back

And nothing can stop me.

I won the battle and






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