Looking in the Mirror

She looks in the mirror and sees someone she does not recognize.

She sees a girl that has been changed due to people’s preconceptions.

She sees the seed of agitation that has been placed because of the hurt, caused by society.

So she stares at the mirror and meditates over the person staring back at her.

She stares so blankly, no glimmer of hope, no light in her eyes, no smile to show.

Somber, sad, solemn, serious, the words that come to mind.

Her tears stream down like a waterfall.

People seem to look right through her, but the mirror only reflects, reflects the pain, the guilt, and the shame, right back.

But then she looks at what she has written on the mirror many months ago.

The words run around in her mind, beautiful, lovely, and many more.

But I don’t see it anymore because that girl is me.

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