I Am... Strong

Life is like a storm,

it's always unpredictable,

but is sometimes readable.


I'd rather be a sturdy rock

than be a lenient ribbon

blown by the horrors of life's surprises.


The only rock to hold itself,

and the life flourishing upon it,

through the dense everlasting frenzy of a storm's cruelty.

To stay rooted and to hold my own

when everything around me is taken away

            by the wind and rain

and taken away from our gravel road.


I'd rather be a sharp knife

a cause of death, than to swayed

by the sly persuasion of the tempting rain

that can easily knock me off my balance

into the eye of God's imagination.


I'd rather face the great demon of all massacres

than face a storm with the lives of others on my shoulders.

If I could survive this, fighting and ruthless

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