My pain,
Exceeds no others,
Some might relate to only having a mother.
I'm different,
I think, I know Pops still got love for me,
When I see him again, I know he'll have a hug for me.
But I grew up strong and educated,
With my mom and bros,
now we so seperated.
It's crazy to reminisce,
To my Erykah Badu and think about the Rimshots I missed.
Family, school, and music,
It might sum me up real well,
But I got a few more stories to tell.
Middle school sadness,
From a high school graduate,
Above average on my math quiz, but still stuck in some madness.
Trying to aprehend a bandit,
Who stole my happiness, it's not happening,
So pull a cop move and hashtag him?
That's not my style, I love life
Not just my own,
Beauty in Mother Nature, in my Father Time zone
I have a lot of questions, and not enough answers,
A black boy, seeing his history die of cancer.
Took my granny too, like deja vu
Like a meteor that'll cause Ice Age #2.
It's not just pain, but that has the most effect,
The thumbs of God and karma, tough love, never neglect.
What's pain without success, it'll humble the best
Life's the type to teach after the test.
I look at the trials, and see why I'm so blessed,
Doc said I'd have Down Syndrome, and that I was better of dead.
But I have a mother who loves me, not to mention a family dude.
If Pop didn't die, I wouldn't have little CJ too.
Awards and recognitions out the wazoo,
College acceptances, with scholarships to boot.
So with sorrows come joy, just like rain brings blooms,
Life: The Love and Pursuit of Happiness, and success will follow soon.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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