Thu, 11/05/2015 - 18:12 -- c0015

If one were to look up my name in the dictionary there would be no definition under it.

Instead, all that one would find is numbers.

“What are these numbers”, one may ask.

And, instead of giving an answer, I would hand them the dictionary and smile.

“Find out” I would say.

The next day one would come to me with a list of words on a sheet of paper.

With a confused face one would say, “This list is never ending.  Each time I wrote down a word a new word appeared”.

I would laugh lightly and point to the list,

“These words,” I would say, “do describe me.  But they are always changing.  I am not constant.  I am compassionate, intelligent and silly like the dictionary says but I change.  I am not limited to a few simple words in the dictionary”.

A new word would then appear and it would read immeasurable.


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