I am my Journey


The world is inspiring

The world is made up of so many things, unknown things

And it’s AMAZING

The world is big and I am small

But that’s okay I’ll grow

Grow big, grow tall

I can’t wait.

The world is dull

The world is made up of so many things that don’t interest me

And it’s scary

I am small and shrinking by the minute 

I don’t want to grow

I don’t want to eat, I can’t sleep.

The world is terrifying 

The world is made up of so many things, things I know all about

And people are cruel

The world is small and so am I

I am growing, growing up too fast

What’s around the corner?

Take a chance

Just try it

Let’s explore

Explore this small world

Let it inspire you

Grab the colors in your hands

Inhale the misty air of morning

Sense the world living around you

See the small world for everything it is

Meet the people you never thought to talk to

Eat the food that scares you the most

grow a tree and climb it to the highest tresses

Breathe the air

just breathe

 and live.

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