A Representation of a Past Life

Have you ever been with someone, 

who never truly cares for you

To give all this affection, 

and they're never really there for you

You were a drug,

I was constatnly high on you

An addiction so deadly,

I've had a relapse or two

To be so terrifyingly addicting to where it hurts to look at you

With you I see the past,

someone I loved before

Now mistakenly a monster, 

a low life stupid whore

To fill me with so much anger,

bringing tears to my eyes

Not being able to have a complete good time,

forced to wear a disguise

I hope nobody has ever or will ever feel this way

I'm just expressing my thoughts on how I felt one lovely day

Really, it's nothing, I'm fine, I'm telling ou

Just take my adivice and be careful of who's really loving you

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