I am a rock climber

The wall stands tall.


I prepare myself for the climb;

strapping into the harness,

glancing at my intended path.


Starting from the top;

I jump.


My feet reach the ground,

I glance up and whisper,

“Here I go.”


I climb with confidence.

My body in a pattern,

left leg up, left arm up/

right arm up, right leg up;

One peg after the other.


The first half had pegs-

close together and big.

A little further up though-

a hump.


The next peg is out of reach,

so I stop to think;

I know what I have to do/



I summon my courage -

  push off my foot,

     stretch out my arm,

         and grab the peg.


I made it!


I continue the challenging climb/

eventually/ I reach the top.


I am a student;

climbing to the


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