I Am

I am

I am?

I am someone

Someone who lives

Lives through hardship

Hardship recoils at my gaze

My gaze holds power and light

Power and light encourage

Encourage me to believe

I believe

I believe in love

I believe in faith

I believe in trust

I believe in miracles

Miracles live within me

Within me is strength

Stength, Love, Fatih, Desire

I desire to become

To become great

I am great

Greater that anyone knows

Greatness is my soul

My soul  defines me

Soul is my purpose

My soul thrives

thrives in the darkest hour

Hours that bring only pain

Pain is lost in my heart

In my eyes

In my countenance

In the truth of the manner in which I live

In the truth of the things I have overcome

I have overcome death

Have overcome sorrow

Overcome everything

I am power

I am strength

I am life





I am one in the world

The world knows me as I am

I am only one

I am everything

I am me

I am 

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Alexis Turner

This just helped me realize that I actually am worth more than I thought. That I'm a person able to do great things that seem impossible. Thank you.

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