The Daily LIfe of Me

There once was a student named Drew,

Who wanted to go on a journey or two.

Along with her would be her sister,

Plus Ashton and Aaron, who was a quite fine mister.


Now Drew was quite mysterious.

The way she played with her hair was quite serious.

Always telling Jerika to get in the car,

So they could go watch the 90210 stars.

However, Aaron always slowed them down.

And when he did, Drew would frown.


Her long blonde hair was extremely brightening.

And some would say her small bony hands were frightening.

Her friends say she acts like a mom,

Especially when she puts on that special lip balm.

One of her favorite sports is cross country.

And trust me she runs plenty.


Occasionally she appeared confused,

Specifically when the words ‘wait what’ were used.

She was known for her curves,

But rude people got on her nerves.


Drew was nice to those who mattered.

Because she believed you shouldn’t leave hearts shattered.

With a smile on her face,

She lived her life with grace.

This poem is about: 
My family


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