Monsters By Camerin Jae


This smile plastered on my face

No one knows I’m a disgrace.


Everything that’s inside

Would make someone run and hide.


A little girl crying out “Why me?”

But I don’t wanna make a plea.


To all those monsters who hurt me

I will stand tall like a tree.


taking those words you used to hurt

I will avert.


Every touch, every “Don’t tell”

Made me feel like I was in hell.


Tired of living in that life

Cause I didn’t want to feel that knife.


It took power and strength

I knew I had to keep them at arm’s length.


God and his miraculous ways

Made me feel like I was gonna have better days.


He wrapped me in his arms

and took me away from harm.


The monsters are no longer under my bed

And so they are out my head.


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