What makes you, you?

What makes you...you?

(I am me) 



I am me.

Can't you see?

Within we.

Within we we are not very far from each other,

do you see?


Do you see me now?

Please do not ask me how?

I am me as you would like to see.

When you see me, 

Just think about we.


The further you look its hard to find me

Come closer to me,

I can assure  that you will find me

I am the person that is within we.

What only makes me apart from you,

is the thing that you want to see

Alas, that is not the real me.


Think about you and ask yourself what you really wanna see,

If you want to see the real me, you will always find me!


This poem is about: 
My community


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