I Am Who I Am


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I am Brittany,

Who do you see?

A slut, a boyfriend stealer, annoying wannabe,

That's what mean girls see.

Who do you see?

A cool girl that's chill to hang with,

That's what the guys see.

Who do you see?

A smart, caring young lady,

That's what adults see.

Who do you see?

A kind, loving young women,

That's what my parents see.

Who do you see?

I am me.

That's what I see.


Just becuase I see doesn't mean I say,

If I were to say, 

I'd say I'm silly,

I'd say I'm funny,

I'd say I am a hardworker,

I'd say I am passionate,

I'd say I am loving,

I'd say I am an animal lover,

I'd say I am a future high school graduate,

I'd say I am a future college graduate,

I'd say I am a future massage therapist,

I'd say I am whoever I want to be.

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Amazing! My name is Candace. Reading your poem made me want to reach out to you about a book of poems coming out Titled #MyStory. If you are interested in submitting a poem you can contact me at candacenicholas98@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Candace Nicholas


I love it, the feeling is real and raw.

Newborn Leader

This is so emotional, but I loved it!

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