I am ok now

Sat, 10/17/2015 - 13:03 -- ColieXD

Why does everyone judge me? 

They don't know what I have seen 
I can't take the pain away 
I feel like I am in display 
All the mom tell their little girls don't be like her 
They don't know my life ended in a blur 
A man pushed me to the ground and told me to be still
He put a gun to my head, he was mentally ill
What he did to me that night was wrong
I honestly feel like I don't belong 
I have a son and he is three
He will grow into the man his father will never be
Sure, judge me since I have a little boy 
He is my bundle of joy 
I was raped and now I am a mother 
Stop judging me, because I have conceived a son like many others.
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