Packed in My Backpack

Packed inside my backpack are compartments, small and big, that holds the art supplies that color me, me. If someone was to ask me what I am most passionate about I would say unzip my bag because in my bag are the paintbrushes that colors who I am. Packed inside the center of the bag is my camera, packed in the largest inside pocket is my drawing pad, packed inside the largest outside zipper is my notebook, packed inside the smallest pocket is a pencil and in a side pocket is my headphones plugged into my phone. In the center of my bag is my camera; the camera holds the lens that captures the moments as I see them, for the camera lens is the eyes that behold the images that I want to show to the world. By looking through the camera, I see the world up close and personal. The camera captures the world’s secrets, and freezes them in time. My camera is placed in the middle of my bag because it’s the world as I observe it. Although the pictures are not yet developed they are still worth a thousand words that will someday be shared. Occupying the large inside pocket is a drawing pad that illustrates my wildest imaginations. The drawing pad is filled with black and white imagery that explore many different emotions. With the pencil pressed against my pad, I doodle out, in detail, images that I envision. Tucked inside the largest outside compartment of my book-bag is a notebook, for it obtains the thoughts that I don’t say out loud. The lined pages are filled with powerful poetic words, phrases, and expressions. Within the notebook, lays the ideas that fills my head documented from day to day, mouth to mouth, and season to season. Tucked off to the side of the largest outside pouch, holding the notebook, are my headphones plugged in my phone. Flowing from the headphones are rhythms of the music I listen to. With every melody and harmony buzzing through the earpiece, I tap my feet. When my headphone are plugged into my ears the rest of the world around me goes numb. Once my headphones are put in, the murmuring voices that surround me go mute as if my phone is the value button on the remote. My headphones are an essential tool that gets me through the day. I don’t go anywhere without them whether they’re swaddled away in my pocket, hanging around my neck, or hooped around my earlobes; my music is always going Stuffed in my backpack is a mini art studio that holds the gallery to my passions. Each compartment of the bag is an exhibit which show cases different elements of art that constructs me as a person. Under every zipper or flap you discover a new portrait of me that explores a new outlook on my creativity. My bookbag carries a bundle of art supplies, a camera to capture a scene, a drawing pad to illustrate the details of a vision, a notebook to bounce upon flowing ideas and concepts, a pencil to conduct the constructions of composing, and headphones to drown the world around me out.

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