By: Casey R

They see a perfect girl,

but she's far from it.

They see her pretty face,

but it's covered by makeup.

They see her laughing and smiling,

but it's to hide the pain.

They see a smart girl,

but she's barely getting by in school.

They see an athletic girl,

but she has aches and pains.

They see people surround her,

but she couldn't feel more alone.

They see how she pushes people away,

but it's only to keep her from getting hurt.

They see her eating less,

but she's actually not eating at all.

They see she's falling apart,

but they don't do anything to help.

They see tears fall from her cheek,

but say it's okay.

They see her break,

but it's too late.

They no longer see a perfect girl,

but they see her as she truly is,


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